Small Business

I will introduce a proposal to connect and simplify state and local business registration, permitting and reporting requirements to allow business owners to spend their energy reaching new customers, not filling out government paperwork.

I get the role that small businesses play in our neighborhoods, our economy and our families.  In 1991, my dad responded to a layoff notice with ganas.  He and my mom responded by getting a loan to kickstart a manufacturing business.  They have employed close to 500 local residents, supporting households with almost 1500 children.

I was always taught to save money because to earn a dollar took a lot of hard work and stress.  California can be more friendly to small businesses by combining state, county and city paperwork requirements and incentivize startups by creating a sliding scale for all the taxes and fees they must pay.  I won’t vote for any more tax rebates or incentives for large corporations unless equal or greater resources are directed to Assembly District 39.